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A tour of the last few months in links June 30, 2009

Posted by Amy in Stories, The Herald, Video.

I’ve been busy since starting at the Herald a few months ago. The life of a business reporter seems to agree with me — or at least I agree with it.

I’ve learned that business journalism isn’t just about the cuff link clique and monthly earnings. The best stories are still essentially about love, loss, human folly and perseverance.

It doesn’t matter if you write about business, sports or eduction; that’s something that doesn’t change.

There are a few favorites amount the stories I’ve written so far.

I wrote about how farmers are struggling to keep agriculture alive in Snohomish County as urban sprawl creeps out from Seattle. The answer, they told me, is agritourism — that’s agriculture tourism.

This story was also my first chance to shoot some video for Heraldnet.com.

I wrote about the switch to digital television in April, and reported little-known information about reception loss for many Snohomish County viewers. Digital signals are weaker than analog signals, and can’t penetrate hills, buildings and other obstacles as well. FCC data shows many viewers in the county won’t be able to watch TV — even with a digital upgrade.

I’m profiling a small business every week, part of ongoing coverage that includes The Storefront blog and Twitter. My favorites so far include stories about a local coffee roaster, a junkyard owner and the proprietor of a dog ranch.



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